At Solar Sphere we’re excited to make a positive difference to you and our planet using the latest solar PV technology

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How does Solar PV work?

  • The sun’s energy (photons) strike the surface of the solar panels, thereby knocking electrons free from their atoms. This generates a direct current of energy (DC electricity).
  • This DC electricity needs converting into alternating current (also known as AC). This is why we connect an inverter unit to the panels. It is AC electricity which powers the electrical devices in our homes.
  • If required, we can connect the inverter to an appropriately sized battery to capture any excess solar energy that you want to use during periods of greater energy need.
  • A generation meter captures how much energy your system is producing.
  • Any unused energy can be sold back to the national grid under the Smart Export Guarantee scheme.
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Your needs first

End to End solutions

We know you’re busy. So that’s why we’ve tried to make the commissioning and installation process as simple and frustration-free as possible. 

Unlike many other solar PV installers, we like to keep as many jobs as we can in house. Why?

Firstly, we have the skills. As our background is in electrics, building construction and law (the perfect marriage for a solar business) we have both the knowledge and expertise to assess and resolve any pre-existing issues your property may have before your solar PV system can be installed.

Secondly, we have high standards. Being responsible for our work allows us to maintain our high quality of service. It also allows us to be fully accountable to you.

Thirdly, it reduces complexity, time and money. It’s frustrating to be told that you need to make your own planning permission application or you have to hire your own electrician/handyperson to prepare your home for the cabling. Or even that work can’t start because the company installing the mounting brackets to the roof are on another project and they won’t be finished for another 2 weeks. In our opinion, managing all of that should be our job. Life’s complicated enough!

How We Work

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Initial Engagement

  • Ping us a message to our friendly staff on contact@solarsphereltd.co.uk to register your interest.
  • We will arrange a no obligation follow up call, if required, and provide you with a short self survey form to complete. This helps us at a high level to understand the likely design and estimated cost of the system.
  • If you are keen to proceed then we will arrange an on-site visit at your property. Our technical lead will take further details and measurements to inform the installation and answer any other questions you have.
  • We will then send you a proposal document with a quote for works, a recommended design, information about estimated electricity cost savings and our terms & conditions for works.
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Confirmation & Planning

  • If this all sounds good, you sign the proposal for works to commence!
  • Sometimes we need to consult your local building control and planning office for signoff before works can begin. In some cases we also need to contact the DNO (District Network Operator) at this point for permission. See the FAQs tab for more information on these points.
  • We get a date in the diary for the proposed installation. We aim to install within 4-6 weeks of you signing the proposal. Obviously we will push for sooner if we can.
  • If scaffolding is required, we will organise that for you before the installation date.
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  • On the day of the installation there will be 2-3 Solar Sphere representatives on site. They will aim to install the system within 2-3 consecutive days.
  • Photographs will be taken to ensure that any damage we may accidentally cause can be rectified.
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Up & Running!

  • After installation, our technical lead will carefully test and inspect the works to ensure that the system is safe and in full working order. Our comprehensive handover pack will detail all relevant parts of the system and how to operate it, and we will also provide you with manufacturer warranties and all the relevant certifications.
  • We have a little celebration! You are now a fully fledged member of the solar club!
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Our testimonials

Customer Feedback

Never having had solar panels before, it was difficult to imagine what the process would be like having them installed and whether they would represent good value for money. 

Luckily the Solar Sphere team answered all of the questions I had beforehand to put my mind at rest. I’ve now had the panels for a few months and have barely paid for any electricity. I’m delighted!

Yvonne P


Love solar energy

Thank you to Solar Sphere for my new panels. I’m really happy with how it all turned out!

Phil H


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